It only takes a few modifications to transform a sinfully “bad for your health” recipe into goodness you can enjoy without consequence.  In the case of America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe, scientifically identifying how to make a flaky biscuit, lard and butter (butter 90% saturated fat….good? not for your Heart and lard, I have no idea what it’s effect on the heart is)Organic olive oil and Earthbalance Organic margarine are easy healthy substitutes as is using all Organic ingredients.  ENJOY

“The Science of Flake………Flaky Biscuits”

How do you get tender, flaky biscuits, with truly distinct layers?

“It’s  a pressing issue” literally according to America’s Test Kitchen and if you want your biscuits to rise evenly (without pinched edges……a can or a glass works fine on basic biscuit dough)for more delicate dough invest in a stainless steel cutter.

                   Flakey Buttermilk Biscuits                                                                                        makes 12

2 ½ cups Organic pastry flour

1 TBS  Organic Baking Powder

½ teas. Organic baking soda

2 TBS. Earth Balance Organic margarine  cut into ½” chunks

plus 8 TBS Earth Balance Organic  margarine  chilled, lightly floured and cut into 1/8” thick slices

plus 3 TBS unrefined Olive Oil.

1 1/8 – 1 1/4  cups  Organic buttermilk, chilled

(1)Adjust oven rack to lower middle position and heat oven to 450 degrees.  Whisk flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in large bowl.

(2) Add the 2 TBS of Earth Balance Organic margarine to the flour using forks to cut the margarine into the flour until it’s pea like in texture.

Working with a few of the chilled margarine slices at a time drop into the flour a few times  and coat.  Pick up each slice of chilled margarine and between well floured fingertips press flat the size of a nickel.  Repeat til all the chilled margarine slices are incorporated, then toss to combine.  Freeze mixture 15 minutes or refrigerate for 30 minutes.

(3)Lightly spread a TBS of unrefined olive oil over the counter top with a clean cloth/paper towel. 

(4)Sprinkle  1/3 cup flour across the counter gently spreading the flour across the oiled counter with your palm.  In a bowl add 1 cup plus 2 TBS buttermilk to.  Stir briskly until a ball forms and no dry bits of flour are visible, adding remaining 2 TBS buttermilk as needed (dough will be sticky but should clear the sides of the bowl)With rubber spatula transfer dough onto center of prepared counter, dusting the surface with flour and bringing the dough into a cohesive ball.

(4)Pat dough into a 10” square then roll in 18 by 14” rectangle about ¼” thick, dusting dough and rolling pin with flour as needed.  Use thin metal spatula to fold dough into thirds brushing any excess flour from surface.  Lift short end of dough and fold into thirds again to form approximate 6 by 4” rectangle.  Rotate dough 90 degrees, dusting counter underneath with flour, then roll and fold dough again dusting with flour as needed.

(5) Roll dough into 10” square about ½” thick.  Flip dough over and cut 9 rounds with 3” stainless steel biscuit cutter.  Carefully invert and transfer rounds to a prepared baking sheet spacing them 1” apart.  Gather dough scraps into ball and roll and fold once or twice until scraps form smooth dough, roll ½” thick and cut 3 more biscuits.

(6)Brush biscuit tops with melted butter.  Bake without opening oven door until tops are golden brown and crispy 15-17 minutes.  Let cool on sheet  before serving.







“Your story”  forms  the basis for developing self-esteem:  it’s the conversation (beliefs) you have with yourself about your life which determine the kind of life you have. For example, if you believe your past determines your future unless you’re  100% happy with your past this belief isn’t going to result in success, self-esteem.   This is why It’s so important to listen to  what  you tell yourself about your life.   In order to hear your voice you have to suspend listening to the voices of those whose  influence you’re most susceptible to.   The voice I gave my power to over and over and over again was the voice of my mother. More than anything  I  wanted her acceptance not realizing she had a whole belief system  “protecting” her from getting hurt in love which meant it really wasn’t possible to “access her Heart.”  As a result of  trying to accomplish an impossible task:  I had no self esteem.  I was looking for love in “all the wrong places.”   We learn about love in stages:  first from our family, next from relationships outside the family and finally by listening to and following  our own voice, that  gut knowing connected to Divine wisdom which is the basis for self-esteem.  Along the way to developing healthy self esteem it’s easy to get side-tracked, as I did:  trying to “access the  love,” of someone  important to me vs. learning to love, treasure and accept  myself.   My story about my  mother is  foundational to my learning how to have healthy self esteem.

The third energy center (chakra)  where the umbilical cord is, is where we learn the Love Lesson:  Self Esteem.  No one else can give us self-esteem; we earn it by the choices we make.  This Energy Center (chakra) is most directly related to the physical body, it is where our gut instinct is located, that small but urgent voice that alerts us not only to danger but prompts us in the moment to take action, to trust ourselves.  This  voice we hear in our gut is connected to Divine knowing.  But for those of us with an  “unhealthy” relationship to food there is a voice from our past that is usurping the authority of our own inner voice connected to Divine knowing.  So instead of taking the plunge to act on a creative endeavor, leave a miserable relationship, do what we know would make us happy, again and again we sabotage our ability to stand on our own 2 feet, become an adult and leave behind the voices from our past which keep us stuck in the perpetual cycle of not being healthy physically and no where is this more evident than our abdomen.

The reason we need to “know our mothers” is the umbilical cord is directly connected to mother…’s the life line so whatever mother’s issues were we are  affected.  My mother decided at  age 80  to pull all her teeth, she promptly lost 30% of her body weight as most anyone would if they inflicted this trauma on themselves.  Momma had a constant theme running through her life related to starving.  It was a phrase she’d throw out.  When I went off to boarding school and the tuition was making her nervous: “You’re living like a Queen, while we’re starving.”  Momma used money to not deal with her underlying food trauma.  When she was no longer able to manage her finances this  for her was equivalent to “starving.”   She lacked  Conscious Awareness:  her relationship to the “power symbol’  money was a “cover-up” for lacking the  Courage to be  present to “her food trauma.”  In the end, it caught up to her…..her Courage that is.


Isn’t it great modern medicine has proven the health benefits of chocolate!

Now we can enjoy it with impunity, knowing: it’s has an ingredient that makes us feel loved, the magnesium content relaxes us and calms anxiety, no wonder we crave it!

In Macrobiotic Cooking chocolate  is a food that corresponds to the heart, just like coffee but it’s considered extreme in it’s energy meaning too much can unbalance the Heart.

But when we’re trying to overcome issues related to self-esteem, the 3rd Energy Center (chakra)where the umbilical cord is a food that makes us feel loved is medicinal.

I had the pleasure of having a Guest from France who stayed at my B & B for a month.  She taught me to make sugarless French Chocolate Mousse that’s incredible.

I plan to modify some of the ingredients to make it more “acceptable” to Whole Food/Macrobiotic standards of what’s “healthy,” if I can do this without compromising the taste.

Nothing’s more disappointing than a healthy dessert that isn’t delicious!





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Bon Appétit  






You might be wondering why dessert is such an important part of learning to have a healthy relationship with food.

Well if you’re like me, you probably have never eaten a truly healthy dessert.  This is why I fell in love with Whole Foods cooking (nothing out of a can, all Organic)I’d never eaten a dessert that was actually good for me and also tasted great!

The foods with  the Energy to revitalize the abdomen (where the primary organs of digestion are,) have either a mildly sweet taste that is satiating, (the taste that revitalizes the stomach & pancreas)or slightly sour (the taste that revitalizes the liver, which metabolizes fat and eliminates toxins from the body)

I love cookies and make them with whole wheat pastry flour that is Organic and therefore has not been genetically modified to increase the gluten content, something the “food industry did in the ’70’s because gluten is the part of wheat that makes it taste good.  Indigenous cultures have survived on wheat for millenniums.  Your body needs whole grains to be able to absorb nutrition in the small intestines.  Wheat has a slightly sour taste and is one of the grains that is revitalizing to the liver.